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Public Input

City of Castlegar
Process and Protocol for Public Input

Members of City Council are elected to represent the citizens of Castlegar and as your elected representatives they value and appreciate public input on important issues that face our community.  City Council works on behalf of all of our citizens and in the best interests of the greater community.  Before acting on important issues it is helpful for Council to hear from the public and consider the range of views on any particular issue. 

There are several ways that the public can provide input to City Council, including:

1.           You can always CALL CITY HALL if you have an immediate matter you wish to discuss and City staff will direct you to the appropriate Department, staff member and/or member of City Council.  City Offices are open Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.    The phone number for City Hall is (250) 365-7227, the Civic Works Department is (250) 365-5979 and the Fire Hall is (250) 365-3266.

2.           SEND A LETTER to Mayor and Council, or the Chief Administrative Officer at:

Castlegar City Hall

460 Columbia Avenue

Castlegar, BC  V1N 1G7

Fax:  (250) 365-4810

Please Note:  Letters to the Mayor, members of Council or City staff must include the name of the writer and provide contact information such as mailing address and/or telephone number.  Anonymous complaints are difficult to verify and do not provide an opportunity for Council or staff to follow up in an appropriate manner, therefore items of correspondence that are received from anonymous sources will not be accepted.

3.           E-MAIL can be forwarded to City Council and Administration staff by clicking the links below and navigating the contact sections of the displayed web pages.

Mayor and Council


4.           ATTEND A CITY COUNCIL MEETING as a delegation to speak to an issue that is on the Council agenda.  City Council has a policy of permitting a maximum of 2 delegations to attend any Regular Council meeting and make a presentation to City Council.  To request an opportunity to attend a Council meeting as a delegation, a “Delegation Request Form” must be completed and submitted to the Director of Corporate Services.  A “Delegation Request Form” can be obtained by clicking here or calling City Hall.

5.           ATTEND PUBLIC MEETINGS AND OPEN HOUSES that are held when City Council has a particular issue or matter of business that it wishes to seek public opinion regarding.  Some of these public meetings are mandatory - such as public hearings and the open house meeting to review the annual budget.  Some meetings are intended to inform the public of important issues and some are held to obtain public input into issues that are facing our community.

When such public meetings and events are held, public notice is given through advertisements in the local newspapers and, if appropriate, other forms of media such as Shaw Cable or radio advertisements.  Information is also posted on the city’s web-site.

VOLUNTEERING TO SERVE ON A CITY BOARD OR COMMITTEE is a great way to provide input into City issues.  The City’s “Council Appointments Policy” requires that every September an ad is placed in the local newspaper requesting applications from citizens interested in serving on a Council appointed Board or Committee.  These applications are retained by the City and when an appointment is required they are reviewed and a suitable candidate is selected to fill the position.  If you are interested in serving in a volunteer capacity, please look for our ads each September and submit an application.  For more information on the City’s “Council Appointments Policy” please contact the Director of Corporate Services at (250) 365-7227.


Regular meetings of City Council

  • Regular meetings of City Council are held on the first and third Monday of each month, except for the months of July and August when meetings are only held once per month, usually on the second Monday of the month.

  • Regular Council meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held in the Community Forum, #101 – 445 13th Avenue, Castlegar, BC.  The schedule of Regular Council meetings for the current year is available on the City’s web-site under “City Hall” and “Council Meetings”.

  • The complete agenda package for Regular Council meetings is posted on the City’s web-site, usually by 2:00 p.m. on the Friday before the Council meeting.

  • Notice of the meeting is also posted on the Public Notice Board at City Hall and at the Community Forum and is provided by fax to the local media.

 Special meetings of City Council

  • From time to time it is necessary to call a Special Council meeting.  In such cases 24 hour notice of the meeting is given by posting a notice on the Public Notice Board at City Hall and at the Community Forum.  A copy of the agenda package is also posted on the City’s web-site.  Local media are also provided with 24 hour notice of any Special Council meeting.

  •  No business, other than the agenda items included in the notice, shall be considered at Special Council meetings.