Community Plan

While there are many environmentally inhibiting processes which cannot be resolved simply through the formulation and implementation of local policies and regulations, a balance between the community's growth and preservation of the natural environment should be actively pursued.

The City will continue its efforts to improve air quality by controlling and restricting open burning and encouraging alternatives to open burning such as recycling or composting. A bylaw restricting the installation of solid fuel burning appliances (i.e. fireplaces, wood stoves) may also be considered. Also the City will advocate the development of a compact, ecologically friendly and efficient land use, and a transportation system which emphasizes energy conservation and air pollution reduction.

The City will support and initiate actions protecting and enhancing the quality of the Columbia River water and its marine life. Continuous efforts will be taken to improve the City's sewage treatment facilities and their operating technology in order to keep their effluent at an environmentally acceptable quality. Developments on river front lands will be thoroughly reviewed to prevent any erosion, preserve the existing vegetation, and provide maximum public accessibility.

In approving a new development, it is a goal of this plan to preserve undeveloped green space as much as possible by either setting aside existing green area or creating new areas. Indigenous vegetation along creeks, drainage channels and their riparian areas shall never be disturbed except for a roadway or utility crossing, where extreme care shall be given to minimize the disturbances. A bylaw to regulate tree-cutting and shrub-clearing on private properties should be adopted.

As well, the City should require boulevard construction and landscaping as part of all new development and should initiate the preparation of an updated Public Open Space Study.

The preservation and enhancement of the quality of the natural environment is a dominating issue in any community. As growth continues, it will be important to carefully integrate the natural and urban components to prevent a decline in the quality of the environment.