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Official Community Plan Update

Castlegar's Official Community Plan (OCP), last updated in 1999, is scheduled to be updated again in 2008.  The OCP is to provide a clear outline of the City's intentions with regard to future land uses and servicing across the community.

A Community Assessment has been completed, assessing how well Castlegar's current planning and development documents promote Integrated Community Sustainability Planning principles (ICSP).  ICSP strives to integrate the environmental, economic, social, and cultural objectives of a community.

The Community Assessment will be used as a basis for grant applications in the spring of 2008 to assist with the development of an OCP that strives to meet ICSP principles.

Throughout the process of developing the OCP, public input will be sought at various stages.  This is in addition to the input and opinions provided by residents in the 2006 Resident Survey that was distributed to every household in Castlegar.  The City of Castlegar would like to thank all residents who took part in the survey.

Please take the time to review the final Resident Survey Report.

In addition to the above report, which summarizes all survey responses, a Summary Report was prepared for each of the four neighborhoods identified in the map below:

Official Community Plan Neighborhoods

A Public Meeting and Workshop was held for each of the Four Neighborhoods referred to in the above map. These meetings were held to discuss the results of the survey in general, as well as the Neighbourhood Summary Report.

Please click on the links below to view the Neighbourhood Summary Reports and Public Meeting presentations.

Neighborhood Summary Report Public Meeting Presentation
Blueberry PDF Summary Powerpoint Presentation
North Castlegar PDF Summary Powerpoint Presentation
Upper Bench PDF Summary Powerpoint Presentation
Lower Bench PDF Summary Powerpoint Presentation

As Castlegar moves forward with the preparation of it's Official Community Plan, details will be continue to be available via this web page.

If you have any questions regarding Castlegar's Community Plan update, please contact the City of Castlegar's Development Services Department

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