Community Plan
Urban Land Use

Castlegar has evolved as a linear community along the Columbia River. The amalgamation of Kinnaird and Castlegar in 1974 formed a community that stretched from Blueberry Creek on the south side to Downtown Castlegar in the north. The lands accommodating the pulp mill and saw mill were also brought into the community. The recent addition of the Castlegar airport and the site for the Doukhobor Historical Village extended the City boundary to the east side of the river.

The physical relationship between the places in which Castlegar's citizens live, play, shop and work creates a dynamic for our community and the transportation network which services them. Today, Columbia Avenue serves as the key link between the north and south parts of the community. The traditional commercial core (Downtown) has remained at the north end while a secondary and more regional commercial centre has evolved around the intersection of Columbia Avenue and Highway #3. Recently, the community added numerous residential developments: single family residential subdivisions at the south end upper bench and along Woodland Drive, and multiple residential developments which replaced older houses along Columbia Avenue.

The future use and development of land shall be consistent with the overall pattern of land use depicted on the Land Use Plan which has the following land use designations. Boundaries of the land use designations shown on the Land Use Plan are approximate.

UR = Urban Reserve

LDR = Low Density Residential

MDR = Medium Density Residential

TRAN = Mixed Use Transition

RC = Regional Commercial

CC = Core Commercial

HC = Highway Commercial

AP = Airport

IL = Light Industrial

IH = Heavy Industrial

INST = Institutional

PO = Parks and Open Space