Community Plan
Urban Reserve

The City boundary encompasses several thousand hectares of Urban Reserve (UR) designated lands that will not be required for urban use during the term of this plan. The UR designated areas will stay undeveloped until such time that development of these lands is warranted and adequate roads and utility services are in place. Most of them are located in South Castlegar, on the western side along the slopes. Steep slope, inappropriate soil and servicing difficulty are other reasons why some areas are designated as Urban Reserve.

Also designated as UR are the Twin Rivers Park site in north Castlegar and the site of the Doukhobor Historical Village across the Columbia River. When a suitable development is proposed for these sites, and if such development would complement and enhance the community's objectives and the expectation for these lands as public facilities, the land use designation could be changed to accommodate such a proposal.

A UR lot is not likely to be easily subdivided since current subdivision regulation requires all new lots to be serviced adequately. In the event that a subdivision is proposed, the new lot should be at least 1.2 ha (3 acres) in size.

The City would like to keep the existing vegetation on UR lands undisturbed unless cutting is absolutely necessary. This policy could be implemented by adopting a bylaw which will regulate preservation of trees on private lands. Growing crops is one of the allowable land uses in UR area. When a new farm is established, special care should be given to minimize clearing the existing vegetation.

It is permissible to extract and process gravel from an UR area as long as the operation is completed in a relatively short term and does not cause any environmental hazard. The excavation should not leave a negative visual impact and mature vegetation is not to be disturbed.