Community Plan
Utilities and Services

In addition to the airport and roadways, the City's public utilities consist of:

  • water supply system including intake, treatment facility, distribution network and fire hydrants;
  • sanitary sewer system including collection network, treatment and discharge facilities;
  • storm sewer drainage system.

The City's utility systems are in relatively sound condition due to the on-going improvements - replacing old facilities, upgrading to meet the present standards, and expanding to accommodate new developments. Yet, as indicated in the Capital Expenditure Program, there are many areas that need improvement or expansion. It is the City's goal to continue providing Castlegar residents with a range of high quality, well managed utility services by using a full range of innovative options to generate sufficient revenues. Viable funding resources are long term borrowing, property taxes, grants from provincial and federal government, user fees and development cost charges.

Development of land or expansion of existing establishments should be adequately provided with works and services, such as paved roads, curbs, sidewalks, storm drainage, water supply, fire protection, sewage collection, street lighting, power, telephone, gas and landscaping. The quality of the works and services should meet the standards of the City's Subdivision and Development Bylaw.

Other public utilities which are not owned or managed by the City consist of electric power network, natural gas supply system, telephone network, cable TV network and other electronic communication systems. The City will continue to support the utility companies with cooperation and coordination to:

  • share the community growth plan and forecast;
  • provide new developments with utility services without delay;
  • upgrade the existing systems, such as undergrounding over-head wires;
  • catch up with new technology, such as high-speed internet services.