The City of Castlegar

PDF Number Title

Bylaw No. 1237 2016 Tax Rates Bylaw

Bylaw No. 808 Administrative Services Fees

Bylaw No. 789 Airport Fees
Consolidated: Last Bylaw Amendment was June 10, 2002, Bylaw 945

Bylaw No. 572 Animal Control and Licensing

Bylaw No. 950 Building

Bylaw No. 950 Building (Schedule A)

Bylaw No. 627 Business License

Bylaw No. 571 Cemetery

Bylaw No. 571 Cemetery (Schedule D - Interment Contract)

Bylaw No. 1254 City of Castlegar Sign Bylaw

Bylaw No. 1104 City of Castlegar Wild or Exotic Animal Prohibition

Bylaw No. 1197 Development Cost Charge

Bylaw No. 1246 Inter-Community Business Licence

Bylaw No. 1179 Municipal Ticketing (MTI) System

Bylaw No. 622 Noise
Bylaw 1111 Amending Bylaw 622 & Bylaw 686

Bylaw No. 1032 Nuisance and Controlled Substance

Bylaw No. 1150 Official Community Plan

Bylaw No. 905 Open Air Burning

Bylaw No. 1120 Property Maintenance Bylaw

Bylaw No. 1221 Revitalization Tax Exemption

Bylaw No. 704 Sewer Regulations and Rates

Bylaw No. 1248 Solid Waste and Recycling Regulations and Rates

Bylaw No. 1018 Subdivision and Development

Bylaw No. 1180 Tax Exemption

Bylaw No. 1214 The City of Castlegar Financial Plan 2015-2019

Bylaw No. 1015 Traffic and Highways Regulations

Bylaw No. 703 Water Regulations and Rates Bylaw

Bylaw No. 1198 Wildlife Attractants

Bylaw No. 800 Zoning
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