City Hall

Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer is appointed by Council, is the key advisor to City Council on all policy issues, and is responsible for ensuring that Council's policies and directives are implemented. The Chief Administrative Officer manages the day to day administrative operations of the City and establishes standards and priorities for the organization. The Chief Administrative Officer directs and reviews all department heads and ensures that their departments budgets and policy initiatives are coordinated with Council priorities. The Chief Administrative Officer also ensures that Council decisions are communicated to the public and acts as spokesperson for the City. The Chief Administrative Officer reviews all complaints in accordance with the City's Customer Service Policy - Procedure and Appeal.

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Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant works closely with the Chief Administrative Officer and the Director of Corporate Services. The Administrative Assistant coordinates the Council meeting schedule and arranges meetings with individual Council Members. The Administrative Assistant is also responsible for administering Grants to Community Organizations and issuing City pins in accordance with Council policies.

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Director of Corporate Services

The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for the corporate administrative functions of the City and is appointed by Council. The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for ensuring that corporate records such as minutes, bylaws and other records of business are maintained and kept secured. The Director of Corporate Services coordinates the agenda, receives requests from the public to appear as delegations at Council Meetings and attends all Council and Committee meetings. The Director of Corporate Services administers Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Requests. In addition to the assigned administrative statutory duties, the Director of Corporate Services is also responsible for the personnel functions of the City which includes the administration of the Collective Agreement and coordination of employment opportunities.

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