Cost of Living

Castlegar has a Low Cost of Living

Using average `household income (2005) and average house price in Castlegar (2010) compared to B.C. averages, Castlegar:

  • Has 5.8% lower median household income ($49,626) than the B.C. average ($52,709), BUT
  • Has an average house price that is 46% lower than the B.C. average
In 2009, British Columbians had an average disposable income of $25,374, the fourth-highest provincial average in Canada.

House Prices are a Fraction of the Price of B.C. and Calgary Housing

Average Residential Home Resale Price (end 2010):

Castlegar - $268,462
Kootenay Region - $256,013
B.C. - $500,000
Metro Vancouver - $763,000
Calgary metro single family - $461,000

Src: Kootenay Real Estate Board, B.C. Real Estate Association, Calgary Real Estate Board

Based on house resale prices in 2010, housing prices in Castlegar are:

  • 46% lower than the B.C. average
  • 65% lower than the metro Vancouver average
  • 42% lower than metro Calgary average

Housing Affordability: Price to Income Ratio

The price to income ratio is the basic affordability measure for housing in a given area. It is generally the ratio of median house prices (Castlegar - $258,462 - 2010) to median household income ($49,626 - 2006), expressed as a percentage or as years of income. This ratio is a basic component of mortgage lending decisions. The lower the number, the more relatively affordable housing is.

Castlegar – 5.4
Calgary – 4.6
Kelowna – 5.9
Victoria – 7.9
Vancouver – 9.3

Non-Castlegar information source:

Using a mortgage affordability calculator and assuming average tax, car, and utility expenses, an average resale house price in Castlegar (2010) is within purchasing reach of approximately 40% of households. This is generally better than B.C. and Alberta averages.

Castlegar Housing Affordability Trend is Long-Term

Average value owned dwelling

Src: Statistics Canada, 2006 Federal Census

Renting is Affordable

Corporate and personal taxes are competitive with jurisdictions throughout North America and the G7. B.C. individuals earning up to $119,000 pay the lowest provincial income tax in Canada. For the majority of taxpayers, provincial personal income taxes have been reduced by at least 37 per cent since 2001.

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Castlegar Has Competitive Utility and Property Tax Rates

Approximate annual household operation costs (2010) for an average single family home in Castlegar ($268,000) are as follows:

Property taxes1$1914
Municipal water$357
Municipal sewer $300
Garbage $119
Gas (heating)2$953
Electricity3 $1082
Phone (optional) $500
Internet (optional) $500
Total $5725

Municipal property taxes for a single family home are roughly 40% lower than the City of Vancouver average of roughly $3200 and 13% lower than a Calgary Region average of roughly $2200.

The average Canadian homeowner pays $9.08 per $1,000 of residential assessment4. In Castlegar the rate is $7.14.

1Castlegar residential tax rate (2011) - $7.1439 per $1000 taxable assessment.

2Based on October 1, 2011 Fortis gas rates (Src: Forstis Gas Rates multiplied by average annual consumption of 95 GJ (Src: Renewable Natural Gas Program

3Based on Fortis electricity rates (Src: Fortis Electricity Rates) multiplied by average annual B.C. consumption of 10,000 Kwh (Src:


Other Cost of Living Resources

  • The Consumer Price Index shows latest monthly and historical consumer price movements for Canada and B.C. B.C.’s Index is three points lower than the Canadian average.
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC (ICABC) has developed a report called B.C. Check-Up that can help you to calculate the cost of living in B.C. and Castlegar. Note: Castlegar is in the Kootenay development region.