Independent Entrepreneurs

An Ode To The ‘Dilberts’…..

"Your distinctive style, your winning ways getting pushed out by the big guns in black suits? Welcome to Castlegar – a land of trees, mountains and water to be sure – but also a place that sidesteps the rush, where people embrace individual expression, big ideas and the art of conversation - where time is on your terms. Life is an adventure. Start a new venture in Castlegar. Prosper. Fight for your umbrella space."

Cubicle life in the big city is fabbo for some. For those whose minds wander in suit infested meetings of minds you’re just tired of mucking around in at the office Christmas party, cubicle life in the big city sucks. You feel trapped….wonder where the soul of life has gone. Where is the live like you’re dyin’ part of life, you mutter to yourself as the string of commuter red tail lights ventures toward infinity.

Well, the soul of life is alive and well in Castlegar. We’ve got all the benefits of the tall rocks that hug us, but in B.C. that makes us as unique as a snowflake. Receive a cheery hello from someone you pass by, or a chatty check-in to a hotel and what makes us different is apparent: people.

Castlegar has sense of place, purpose, passion, and connectivity. Castlegar reaches out to you personally, and makes you feel like you belong. Friendships are uncomplicated. People care, are welcoming, warm, and creative.

That Castlegar is an artful conversation rather than a noise, and nurtures the spirit, is attractive to the independent and creative entrepreneurial spirits whose highest aspiration is to live better, not just more.

Oh yeah, two other things: 1) rush hour is a line of 5 at Timmies; 2) Be prepared to have hundreds of Castlegar Facebook friends.

Castlegar Independent Entrepreneur Goals

  • Objective: attract 410 independent entrepreneurs to Castlegar, the equivalent of the largest private sector employer in Castlegar (Zellstoff Celgar pulp mill).
  • Target: Calgary and Vancouver metro region professionals tired of big city, cubicle life and wanting an invigorating life change.
  • Activity: Professional/consulting services, home-based business, creative content producers (art, digital media, authors, graphic design, etc.), Internet-enterprise, young retirees with ‘bucket list’ entrepreneurial aspirations.

Resources for Entrepreneurs