Millennium Park Master Plan

The City of Castlegar is creating a Master Plan to act as a guide and overall vision for the future development of the Twin Rivers Park area.


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Created in early 2000, the Millennium Walkway brought focus to the Twin Rivers Park area and has solidified the park as one of the City’s major attractions. As a result of its popularity, the City of Castlegar has received a number of requests from residents and groups to initiate projects and improvements within the park area. Submissions have varied greatly with some projects overlapping in required space.


Recognizing the great opportunities and potential for this destination area, the City has initiated the process of creating a master plan to act as a guide and overall vision for the areas future development.


An important component of creating the master plan is to obtain input from residents, regular park users, community groups, elected officials, and City Departments. To this regard, the City has retained the services of HB Lanarc Consultants to assist with coordinating a design-based event for residents and interested groups to directly participate in the plan creation. Read more to find out how you can be involved.


What is a park master plan? 

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A park master plan contains both a map and corresponding document that outline appropriate park uses and their approximate location within a specific park site.


The master plan serves as a long-range vision (10-20 year timeframe) for future development of facilities and recreational activities in the park. Issues typically addressed include planned park uses, structures and/or facilities, natural and cultural resource management, and general design concerns. The plan is conceptual in nature and not intended to address detailed issues related to engineered site design or park operations although it sets up the framework for which it will occur. The plan is an early step in the process that leads to the eventual development of a public park.



How will this plan be created? How can I become involved? 


All residents, community groups, and other stakeholders are welcome to attend the design charrette. If you are committed to attending the entire event, the City asks that you please RSVP at [contact].


To see the design charrette format and schedule, please see ‘Updates & Downloads’ below.



What is a Design Charrette?

 Design Charette

A design charrette is an intensive design-based workshop where professional designers (landscape architects, park planners, engineers etc.) work with City staff, residents and community groups to quickly develop a number of preliminary options for the park area. This condensed, time limited and collaborative work is intended to lead to creative outcomes that are reflective of the wider community interests.


The charrette is an exploratory exercise. The materials produced at the charrette (drawings, plans, diagrams, etc.) are not refined and detailed, but represent a collection of good ideas that will form the foundation for more detailed and richly layered plan that will follow in subsequent stages of the planning process.



Schedule of Public Events



Updates & Downloads

Check back for future project materials and outcomes.

Design Charrette Agenda




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