Public Notice
Contract to Develop Columbia River Waterfront Master Plan Awarded to Lanarc Consultants
Posted - May 10th, 2017

At the May 1, 2017 Council meeting, Council awarded a contract to Lanarc Consultants to work with the City to develop a master plan to act as a guide and overall vision for the future development of recreational amenities along the Columbia River waterfront.

Planning for the waterfront requires extensive public consultation due to the multiplicity of interests focused on the river and is an integral component of the project. This will include a Visioning Workshop where the public and stakeholders will have the opportunity to work together to generate ideas for the future waterfront. From this workshop, options will be developed and presented to the public at a public meeting where City staff will invite questions, comments, ideas and interactive input. Residents will also have the opportunity to submit their ideas via a questionnaire.

City staff will be meeting soon with consultants from Lanarc to finalize project timelines, including dates for public consultation. Once finalized, these dates will be advertised in local print media and on radio, as well as on the City website and social media.