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The City of Castlegar Building Bylaw No. 950 requires that a building permit must be obtained prior to any construction, reconstruction, installation, repair, alteration, or demolition being carried out on any building or structure and includes, but is not limited to:

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When is a Building Permit Required?

The City of Castlegar Building Bylaw No. 950 requires that a building permit must be obtained prior to any construction, reconstruction, installation, repair, alteration, or demolition being carried out on any building or structure and includes, but is not limited to:

  • constructing a new building;
  • constructing an addition to an existing building;
  • construction of a new accessory building or structure over 9.5 sq.m. in area;
  • repair or renovation of existing buildings, including exterior refinishing;
  • placement of a mobile home on a mobile home pad and additions to a mobile home;
  • complete a previously unfinished area in an existing building;
  • installation of swimming pools;
  • alterations to a plumbing system;
  • installation of solid fuel burning appliances;
  • installation or repair of chimney or fireplaces;
  • sundecks;
  • roofing (including replacing roofs and re-roofing);
  • sidewalks and paving (including driveways):
  • fences;
  • demolition of an existing building;
  • moving a building (either into the City or out of the City):
  • prior to a change in the occupancy of a building or part of the building.

Permits are not required for minor modifications such as:

  • window or door repair and exchange (if the replacement window or door is of the same size as the existing window or door);
  • cupboards;
  • painting;
  • replacement of lineoleum or carpeting;
  • retaining walls under 1 metre in height;
  • storage and garden sheds for residential use that do not exceed 3.5 sq.m. (however these buildings must comply with all other applicable bylaws).

Please contact the Building Official at 250-365-7227 if you are uncertain as to whether or not you will require a building permit for your construction project.

Where Do I Obtain a Building Permit Application

Building Permit Application forms can be obtained:

Download the Building Permit Application Form

What are the Fees for a Building Permit?

Building Permit Fees

The Building Permit Fee is based on the estimated construction cost of the project and is calculated as follows:

  • For construction projects valued at $2,000 or less the permit fee is $35 (minimum permit fee).
  • For construction projects valued at over $2,000 the permit fee is $35 for the first $2,000 of construction value plus an additional $7 per $1,000 of construction value.

Note: The value of the proposed work must be provided by the applicant and will be assessed by the Building Official.

Related Building Permit Fees

Other building permit fees are as follows:

  • Reinspection Fee - $35
  • Portable Classroom Placement Fee - $25
  • Separate Chimney/Fireplace Construction Permit Fee - $35
  • Demolition Permit Fee - $35
  • Moving Permit Fee - $50
  • Temporary Building Permit Fee - $35
  • Single or Double-wide Mobile Home Placement Fee - $35
  • Building Permit Renewal Fee - $35 (minimum)
  • Minimum Inspection Fee (for insurance purposes) - $35

Plumbing Permit Fee:

  • Plumbing Permit Fee - $24 min ($24 minimum per permit, $8 per fixture)

Other Fees:

  • In some circumstances a security deposit may be required.
  • If water and sanitary sewer services require capping the applicant will be charged the actual cost of the work (as per the rates provided in Bylaw No. 703 and Bylaw No. 704)

What Information will the Building Official Require?

Once you have determined that a building permit will be required for your construction project a Building Permit Application form must be submitted. Depending on the project, you will be required to submit specific drawings to the Building Official in order that he can ensure that your proposed construction will meet Building Code standards (see below for details).

Type of Construction and Drawings Required:

  • New Construction, Additions, Accessory Buildings over 32 sq.m. will require: Site Plan; Floor Plan; Elevation Drawings and Cross-Section Drawings.
  • Alterations, Fireplace/Wood Stove/Range/Chimney Installations will require: Floor Plan and Cross-Section Drawings

Mobile Home Installations will require: Site Plan

Fences and Retaining Walls will require: Site Plan and Cross-Section Drawings

Note: Samples of a site plan, floor plan, elevation drawing and cross-section drawings may be obtained from the Development Services Department at City Hall.

Plan Check Deposits:

  • For new construction projects a Plan Check Deposit fee must be submitted along with the Building Permit Application ($50 for residential construction and $100-$200 for commercial construction [depending on the size of the building]).

Homeowner Protection Office Requirements:

  • All Residential Builders applying for building permits after June 30, 1999 must be Licensed Residential Builders. A builder will not be able to obtain a building permit without evidence that the proposed new home is covered by home warranty insurance; and will be built by a Licensed Residential Builder.
  • Evidence of licence and warranty is provided by submitting a completed Homeowner Protection Office Registration Form to the municipality prior to the issuance of a building permit.

For additional information please contact:

Homeowner Protection Office
P.O. Box 11132, Royal Centre,
Suite 2270
1055 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6E 3P3

Visit the Homeowner Protection Office Website

When Will an Inspection Be Required?

Please contact the Building Official at 365-7227 to arrange for an inspection at the following points of construction:

  • location of footings before concrete is poured (all survey pins to be exposed);
  • underslab preparation before concrete is placed;
  • draintile (if required) and damproofing;
  • framing - after all services have been installed and engineered truss drawings have been submitted;
  • plumbing with testing in place;
  • insulation and vapor barrier;
  • final inspection before occupancy.