Development Services
Boards and Committees

Advisory Planning Commission


The Advisory Planning Commission is a five member board appointed by City Council to review development applications submitted to the City and to make recommendations and advise Council on these matters.

Members of the Commission can not be members of Council or officers or employees of the City, and at least 2/3 of the members must be residents of the municipality. Appointments are for a two year term and no person can be appointed for more than twoconsecutive terms.

Advisory Planning Commission meetings are not held on a regular basis, but rather meetings are called when Council passes a resolution to refer a particular application to the Advisory Planning Commission for their review and recommendation.


The current members of the Advisory Planning Commission are:

  • Mr. David Grantham
  • Mr. Rob Lindskog
  • Mr. Rod Mosby
  • Mr. Steve Sanders
  • Mr. Ty Smith

Board of Variance


Under the Local Government Act, where a local government has adopted a Zoning Bylaw, it must establish a Board of Variance. The Board of Variance is an independent and impartial body whose purpose is to consider each application and render a decision once the applicant and any other person who believes their interest in property is affected by the application have been heard.

The Board of Variance will consider applications where the applicant alleges that:

  • Compliance with the provisions of the City's bylaw (Zoning, Subdivision and Development, etc.) would cause an undue hardship; or
  • The determination of the Building Official regarding the amount of damage to a non-conforming building or structure is in error.

The Board of Variance cannot vary the permitted uses or densities under the Zoning Bylaw nor can it deal with major variation that should be the subject to a Development Variance Permit.


If an individual feels that compliance to applicable city bylaw(s) would cause an undue hardship and the individual wishes to appeal to the Board of Variance to request a variance order the Board of Variance Application Form must be completed and submitted to the Development Services Department along with any required drawings (site plan, floor plan, etc.) and a $300 application fee.

Download the Board of Variance Application Form

The application is then processed as follows:

  • The Chairman of the Board of Variance will set a date and time when the hearing will be held. The applicant will be advise and requested to attend the hearing and make a brief presentation.
  • The Development Services Department will review the application and prepare a report to the Board of Variance.
  • City staff will notify all the owners and tenants in occupation of properties located within a 30 metre radius of the subject property, giving at least seven (7)days notice of the hearing.
  • At the hearing the applicant will be given an opportunity to present his/her application. Any other person who believes that their interest in property is affected by the application will be heard as directed by the Chairman.
  • Upon considering the application the Board of Variance will either approve the variance, deny the variance or adjourn the hearing until additional information can be obtained.
  • The applicant, as well as all persons who made representations at the hearing, are notified of the Board's decision.


The Board of Variance consists of one person appointed by the City, one person appointed by the Minister of Municipal Affairs, and one person appointed by the other two appointees. An appointment to the Board of Variance is for a term of 3 years.

A person who is a member of the Advisory Planning Commission, or an officer or employee of the City, is not eligible to be appointed to the Board of Variance.

The members of the Board of Variance do not receive compensation for his/her services as a member.

At the present time the Board of Variance members are:

  • Mr. Robert Jackson
  • Mr. Dan Sahlstrom
  • Ms. Janna Sylvest