Downtown Area Plan

At the heart of every community is a vibrant downtown. We’ve all experienced downtowns that we love and want to visit or do business in.

The City’s Downtown Area Plan creates a framework for improving the economic vitality and attractiveness of the City’s downtown core. It will guide growth and future development and establish a vision to encourage and foster the development of a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly and economically resilient downtown core. Developing a Downtown Area Plan was a key objective of the City’s Official Community Plan and is included in the City’s 2019-2023 Strategic Priorities

Downtown Area Plans commonly include topics such as:

  • mixed-use and higher density residential development;
  • strategies to encourage the redevelopment of existing commercial and residential properties;
  • opportunities to better utilize public space for social and cultural activity;
  • tools to encourage and incentivize investment; and
  • directions on streetscapes, gateways, downtown themes, building and property improvements, signage, parking, and traffic.

We thank everyone who has participated and contributed to the success of this project. We appreciate your feedback.

Downtown Area Plan Snapshot
DowntownAreaPlanSnapshot.pdf [221 KB]
Last Changed: Sep 16, 2021 01:44pm
Downtown Area Plan
FINAL-DAP.pdf [25 MB]
Last Changed: Oct 06, 2021 09:30am
Downtown Area Plan Conditions Report
Downtown-Area-Plan-Area-Conditions-Report-reduced.pdf [36 MB]
Last Changed: Aug 20, 2021 12:49pm
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