Budgets and Financial Plans

Budgets and Financial Plans

Every year City Council and City staff work together to develop an Annual Budget and Five Year Financial Plan.

The budget process, and the decisions that must be made on how to best lead the development of a safe, vibrant and sustainable city, are supported by the City Council's strategic plan, the Official Community Plan and other budget planning documents.

The budget process is an important arena where public priorities are discussed and debated and where important choices are made by City Council; both strategic choices and choices in the allocation of scarce resources. It incorporates a long-term perspective, establishes linkages to organizational goals and focuses budget decisions on results and outcomes.


For inquiries, comments and questions about our Annual Reports and/or Financial Plans, contact the Financial Services Department at:

460 Columbia Avenue
Castlegar, B.C. V1N 1G7
Email:  finance@castlegar.ca
Phone: 250-365-7227

Official Community Plan Amendment Guide to Procedure
OCP.pdf [494 KB]
Last Changed: Mar 15, 2018 06:06am
2016-2018 Strategic Plan
strategic-plan-2016-2018.pdf [2.6 MB]
Last Changed: Mar 15, 2018 06:05am
2017 Budget
budget-2017.pdf [225 KB]
Last Changed: Mar 15, 2018 06:05am
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