Council Highlights - December 20

Council Highlights - December 20

Olga Hallborg presented to Council on the Castlegar Butterflyway Project which is a volunteer-led movement bringing nature home to neighbourhoods throughout Canada, one butterfly-friendly planting at a time.

Doukhobor Archives and Research Centre Project

Council designated the City’s 2021 Community Enhancement budget of $25,000 to support the Doukhobor Archives and Research Centre Project at the Doukhobor Discovery Centre (DDC). This project is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing rare materials and artifacts related to Doukhobor history and culture. It will be situated in the basements of the communal living houses at the DDC.

Awards of Contracts

Council approved awarding the:

  • 10th Street Lift Station Kiosk and 21st Street Lift Stations Controls Upgrade Project to Martech Electrical Services Ltd. for a total value of $80,432 plus taxes.
  • Park Pump House Motor Control Center Upgrade to Martech Electrical Services Ltd. for a total value of $214,469 plus taxes.
Privacy Policy

Council approved Privacy Policy 1-15 to ensure compliance with the City’s privacy protection responsibilities, and associated legislation.

Records and Information Management

Council approved Records and Information Management Policy 1-16 to ensure that all City records are created, used, disposed of and preserved in an efficient, systematic, standardized and cost-effective manner, compliant with relevant legislation.

Development Permit

Council authorized the re-issuance of Development Permit 7/19 to Pinnacle Homes for the purposes of paving and landscaping for an additional period of six months to June 6, 2022.

  • Council approved Building Amendment Bylaw No. 1368 and Municipal Ticketing Amendment Bylaw 1369 to simplify the building permit process and align it with other municipalities, and Municipal Ticketing Amendment Bylaw No. 1369 to reflect the changes in the Building Bylaw and Business Licence Bylaw. The proposed changes would include removal of the requirements to obtain a Building Permit for exterior finishing, roof/gutters/drains, fencing, retaining walls (less than 5 feet), paving and sidewalks.
  • Council approved Inter-Community Business Licence Amendment Bylaw No. 1370 to remove the initial expiry date of the program and maintain the program indefinitely.
  • Council approved the 2022 Solid Waste and Recycling Regulation and Rates Amendment Bylaw.
  • Council gave first, second and third readings to 2022 Sewer Regulation and Rates Amending Bylaw and 2022 Waterworks Regulation and Rates Amending Bylaw 1374. This includes a water utility rate increase of 5.9% and sewer utility rate increase of 6.5%, equally applied to both fixed rates and demand rates which aims to cover the Municipal Price Index and the City’s needs for looming asset renewal.
  • Council agreed to send letters of support to the Doukhobor Discovery Centre for the Doukhobor Archives and Research Centre Project, and to the Increasing Recreation Involving Seniors (IRIS) Project to accompany their New Horizons and Columbia Basin Trust Seniors Activity grant applications.
  • As follow-up to a letter received from ANKORS, on behalf of the Castlegar Fentanyl Opioid Working Group, Council asked staff to invite the group to participate in a 2022 Council meeting as a delegation.
  • Council asked staff to prepare more information on the Communities in Bloom/Embetsu Japanese Garden Committee request to proceed with planning an Embetsu Japanese Garden at City Hall.
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