Share Ideas for City of Castlegar’s 2022 Budget

Share Ideas for City of Castlegar’s 2022 Budget

The City of Castlegar is inviting residents to share ideas for the City’s 2022 Budget. 

Every year City Council and staff develop an annual budget and five-year financial plan to determine how money should be spent to maintain and improve the City. The City is limited in its resources and the budget helps determine which objectives have the highest priority, meet the City’s Strategic Plan, and will have the greatest positive impact on the community.

The City is encouraging the public to get involved in the budget process by providing ideas and tuning in to ask questions about the budget.

“Developing the budget is about setting collective goals, and building a great city by making decisions on levels of service, while ensuring the City has the adequate infrastructure required to support growth,” says Ola Oladele, Director of Finance. “It is important that we hear from our residents as the budget informs how money is spent to maintain and improve our city.”

Share thoughts on what should be included in next year's budget by October 31 at:

Budget Meetings:

As part of the budget development process, Council invites the public to join the following meetings which are open to the public and broadcasted live via Zoom:

November 4 – 5 p.m. – Budgeting Meeting #1

December 9 – 5 p.m. – Budgeting Meeting #2

December 10 – 5 p.m.– Budgeting Meeting #3

More information about the budget meeting dates and times can be found at

The City of Castlegar is a service centre in the West Kootenay. The diversified and growing economy is focused on the forestry, energy and mining sectors in the valley, and commercial services in the City. Quality of life features backcountry adventure and an increasingly dynamic urban culture, including the Millennium Park & Ponds and Sculpture Walk.     

Background - About the City's Budget

Operating Budget

The operating budget covers day-to-day spending on services such as parks maintenance, public health, city roads, policing and other emergency services. Approximately 55 per cent of the funds for the operating budget comes from property taxes. The remainder comes from provincial grants and user fees.

Capital Budget

The capital budget funds the City's infrastructure that supports service delivery. It pays for the construction and repair of roads, public buildings such as fire stations, library, and parks. The City of Castlegar updates and presents a new Five-Year Capital Budget and Plan each year as part of the budget process. The capital budget is primarily funded from reserves, grants from other levels of government and borrowing.


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