Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer

Water Meters

Thanks to the participation of our residents, water meters are now in use in almost all homes, and local businesses and industry continue to work on installing their own. Water meters are a proven way for communities to save water and extend the lifespan of water and sewer systems and treatment plants. Going forward in 2018, the rates for residential customers will be based solely on consumption.



Single-Family Residential

(with meters)


Multi-Family Residential

(with meters)


Industrial Commercial & Institutional

(with meters)

  2017 2018 2019 2017 2018 2019 2017 2018 2019

Flat Rate

$419.28 $360


(secondary suite rate is  additional 25% of single family residential rate)

$84 $192 $228 $152 $252 $288

Consumption Rate

Included in the flat rate above $0.68 per cubic metre over 30 cubic metres up to including 100 cubic metres

$0.68 per cubic metre over 30 cubic metres

(secondary suite rate is additional $0.68 per cubic metre over 7.5 cubic metres)

$0.38 per cubic metre for all flows $0.48 per cubic metre for all flows $0.48 per cubic metres for all flows $0.38 per cubic metre for all flows $0.48 per cubic metre for all flows $0.48 per cubic metre for all flows

We recommend paying through your bank. You can visit your bank in person or online. If you wish to pay online, follow these steps:

  • Go to your online banking website and log in.
  • Search for payee “Castlegar” and select the “utilities” from the results list. Do NOT select “taxes”.
  • Enter your 13-digit account number into the account number field. Your utility account number (000 000XXXX 00X) is positioned on the front page, top left hand corner, of your utility bill.
  • Pay the appropriate amount from the utility bill.
  • Print or save the confirmation page for your records.

Other Payment Options Include: 

  • With your bank/financial institute (in person, online, telephone).
  • Pre-authorized debit from a chequing account, see more details below. 
  • By mail; make cheques payable to “City of Castlegar”. 

  • In person at the Castlegar City Hall. We accept cash, cheque and Interac payments. City Hall is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

We are offering a new payment program for utilities in 2018 that enables you to automatically pay your utility bill through an automatic electronic transfer from your bank account. The program aims to provide convenience to our customers, and to avoid late payments or penalties. In order to sign up for the program, please download and complete the PAD Agreement Form and return to the Financial Services department. 

Email: finance@castlegar.ca

Phone: 250-365-7227 / Fax: 250-365-0594

The City of Castlegar now brings you the convenience of managing your accounts online at any time. You can receive your utility bills by email or view them online.

To register and sign up for eBilling, visit vadimopen.castlegar.ca

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Monthly Water Quality Summary Report
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2015 Annual Water Quality Report
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Water Meter Information 2016
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