Live... Adventure

Live... Adventure

Too many of us think about tomorrow. Tomorrow will open new doors, create new opportunities, and have higher quality of life. Castlegar is about today.

Life the life of “better.” Get busy living. Get active. Get involved. Care about community. Feel connected to things that really matter.

If you live here you know it, or you’re so used to it you don’t think about it too much: Castlegar is a storybook setting to pursue life’s greener pastures amid millions of choices on this big blue orb of ours. Ask people to put life’s puzzle together in a way that yields to our craving for “unbearable lightness of being” and they might simplify it to needing three pieces: opportunity, place, and people.


Being the current geographic, and future head office, capital of the Vancouver / Calgary region (ha ha) allows the dollar to stretch in Castlegar: we remain the most affordable valley between the two metro areas. Castlegar’s economic base is stable and diversified, including major regional mining, forestry and hydro employment. Business conditions are dynamic and affordable. The City is big enough to support full services. We’re aiming to solidify our role as a service centre. Everything is a five minute drive. In other words, you can find a job or be an independent entrepreneur, put a roof over your head, and balance your books while leaving both time and a few bucks in your pocket to pursue life’s pleasures.

Biking Castlegar
Biking in Castlegar


Pick a peach off your tree. Wonder why Christmas shows aren’t filmed here amidst the big snowflakes. Feel the heat on your back on the beach at Arrow Lakes. Carve a few turns out on the downhill slopes.Wonder what animals lurk in the woods when your golf ball goes astray. Find blank spots on the map to be free in. Recreation here is like a tickle trunk…full of surprises…and rather smile inducing. 

Castlegar Family
Family First


We’ve saved the best for last. Some might call the West Kootenay the Valley of the Spirits. People are refreshingly creative, ‘earthy’, open, humorous, and tolerant. You don’t need to have Facebook for social connection but if you do, watch out for the 300 Castlegar ‘friends’ you will quickly acquire.

For the souls living elsewhere who feel wayward in life’s tide, we can imagine that you’ll be sitting around one morning and it will dawn on you (a second ha ha). You’re not living the big life you went to sleep in your superhero shirts dreaming about. You realize you sure could benefit from like-minds, from an energy of people and place that helps rather than hinders your effort to turn the world on its head. Well – we think you might just find us to be a cool, hip, future forward location of a lifetime for your big brain and spirit. Take us for a test drive….it’s free. 

City Hall
Castlegar City Hall,
460 Columbia Avenue
Castlegar, B.C.
V1N 1G7
Hours of Operation
City Hall and Civic Works, 8:30am - 4:30pm, Mon-Fri. Civic Works ONLY is closed from 12-1pm.
Civic Works
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